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Thursday, 19 January

I have been spending time indoors since Wednesday afternoon.  I had a treatment for my eye disorder (Sorsby Macular Dystrophy) called Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT).  This has been very sensitive to sunlight and bright lights.  I need to stay indoors for 3 days to avoid getting a serious case of sunburn.

I definately don't want that as we are heading off on our 14 night cruise on the White Cloud Wonders trip to NZ.

Before my treatment I took the kids up to Cedar Creek Falls, Mt Tamborine. This has been a favourite spot since coming to live in Brisbane.

Time to start

What an amazing word "time".

This blog is about how I . . use time . . waste time . . share time . . watchtime . . plan mytime . . recordtime . . 

I hope you enjoy yourtimesharing with me.

Here is an exerpt from the Collins World English Dictionary to get started.

time(taɪm)— n1.a.thecontinuouspassageofexistenceinwhicheventspassfromastateofpotentialityinthefuture,throughthepresent,toastateoffinalityinthepastb. ( asmodifier): timetravelRelated:temporal2.physicscaesium clocksecondSeespace-timeaquantitymeasuringduration,usuallywithreferencetoaperiodicprocesssuch