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Banana Baking Galore!!!

Our upright freezer lost the will to work on Friday 24/8/2012.  Michael's mother had it prior to her going into a nursing home in 1994, so it had worked hard for a very long time.

There were a significant number of over-ripe banas in there.  So not wanting to waste them I have been very busy baking all day.  There was one other banana cake, I took it over to a friends for morning tea.

I hope the staff at work enjoy the cakes :)

Project 365: July 2012

My goodness, it is over a month since I posted!!!

Here is July in Project 365. To clarify the blank kitchen bench on July 24 - that was the day I couldn't find the house or car keys as we were ready to rush out the door to childcare / work.  My son confessed to leaving them in the garage last night.  Dad had locked it all securely up and had already left for work and had his phone on silent. A friend from work rescued us all.  She drove the kids to childcare and me to work.  We have spare keys now :)