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Days 1 to 5 of Fourteen Days away from Work :)

Day 1 - ANZAC Day We all went to the 10:00 am march and service at the Greenbank RSL.  
After lunch I finished off the front gardens with the mulch from Saturday.

Day 2 - Thursday  Kids to school.  Quick shop at Target - then the hairdresser. Lunch with Karen at the Coffee Club Grand Plaza. Home to make the lasagne for dinner. Collected the kids from daycare. Early dinner - then off to Holland Park for Kira's Choir rehearsal. We met Michael there as he had been at a Blood Transfusion Conference (go figure). Late home - no craft time!
Day 3 - Friday A crazy running around day again.
I dropped the kids at school - returned the hire car - collected the repaired Kluger. I did manage a coffee and a wander around IKEA. I had to go to Logan Central to the bank to send money to Mark in America, then into work to put my office into order (I had left in a mess after the hectic day on Tuesday). I ended up being there for 4 hours :( Michael was at his conference again, so I collected the kid…

Aprons galore

Hobby Quilters Apron Challenge with 1/8 fabric piece
It is finally here on the blog for you all to see.  The girls rose to the challenge well and all the aprons were beautiful.  Unfortunately I had been delayed at work, arriving late,  therefore haven't got photos of Betsy's nor Yvonne's as they had departed before my arrival.
I had the photos on the computer on Tuesday evening once I arrived home from meeting the girls at the Logan West Library (where we meet every Tuesday evening from 17:30 to 19:45 hours). It has taken me until this evening to work out how to get the collage thing to work.  It may be some time before you see another one!!!

Fabric Challenge

Browns Plains Hobby Quilters We meet every Tuesday evening at the Logan West Library from 5:30 pm in the meeting room.  We like to have challenges from time to time.  We received a 1/8 piece of fabric and the task was to include it in an apron.
The fabric
My apron
I have a poor reputation for completing challenges, so I am sure the girls will be impressed when I turn up with a completed item.

Activities and outings

We have had a cubic meter of cypress mulch delivered by Huck this afternoon.

We managed to get some spread out on the gardens that have been weeded (more for tomorrow)

We had to stop as we had an outing to the Pioneer Village Country Music Club to share some of Neil Murray's music.  He was in the Warrumpi Band.  My favourite song is Good Light in Broome.

!5 April

We enjoyed celebrating with Debbie the milestone of her 50th Birthday.

This is the card I made

and the bag that I decorated

 Great cake

The kids enjoyed the lovely cake too.

Supplies: SU card stock, punches, stamps, ink and button.

Easter Camping Trip

We have had a big adventure for the Hall family, as we went camping with a friend from work.  She has everything that is worth buying at a camping store.  We slept in her 3 compartment tent and her family were comfortable in their camper trailer.  We shared our camp site with 2 other families (also camper trailer owners).

Here are some of our photos.  
 Good Friday - all packed and ready to join the others at Ron's horse riding.
Farm life The kids sat on Laura after she had been milked by many curious child! They also enjoyed cuddling some 10 day old puppies

 I made my first damper (it was a big success too)
We all enjoyed the 1 hour horse trail ride too.

 Sunday we all prepared to head off on a trail ride. . .  . . . ready to go team?   Michael on Para and me on Jack  Me after the creek crossing.  Wonderful hubby with all the washing clean, dry and folded :)

it was not my fault (this time)

I don't know what it is about the Rocklea Markets. I don't seem to be able to go there without incident.

4 April 2012 On the way to the Wednesday evening markets tonight the driver of a van side swiped me as he was squeezing past me on the right,  1/2 up the middle island to get ahead of me at an intersection. I was stationary at the time:

24 December 2011 I was at fault here, as I wasn't paying attention and I managed to get the car stranded in the drain as the chasis sat on the concrete surounds! 9 October 2011 Well, this one was my fault too. I backed into a silver rubbish skip as I was trying to recue the family in a wild storm at the market that day. I was concentrating on missing the forklift on the other side of the car.

Weekend gardening results

As my family and friends are all aware I am not known for my gardening expertise.  However I spent ALL of Sunday in the garden and with the help of Huck’s battery operated hedge trimmer and two little helpers ( for the morning) I managed to trim up the front garden.

Taken with the early morning sun on Monday