it was not my fault (this time)

I don't know what it is about the Rocklea Markets. I don't seem to be able to go there without incident.

4 April 2012

On the way to the Wednesday evening markets tonight the driver of a van side swiped me as he was squeezing past me on the right,  1/2 up the middle island to get ahead of me at an intersection. I was stationary at the time:

24 December 2011

I was at fault here, as I wasn't paying attention and I managed to get the car stranded in the drain as the chasis sat on the concrete surounds!

9 October 2011

Well, this one was my fault too. I backed into a silver rubbish skip as I was trying to recue the family in a wild storm at the market that day. I was concentrating on missing the forklift on the other side of the car.


  1. oops!!
    well that's your more dents and scrapes on our Kluger now please!!


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