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Michael's result

He took the challenge.  Here's his result:

Your accuracy was impressive. Your speed was 33 WPM
I guess I have a new challenge to use my time.

Typing Test

I was wasting TIME on the computer and decided to take a typing test @ Learn to Type.  My results were:

"Your speed was 26 WPM with 4 mistakes (adjusted speed 22 WPM)"

I have now challenged my loving husband to have a go . . .

End of Holiday Blues

I have arrived at the evening before returning to work . . . how sad for me.  I had an intention of blogging daily while on the marvelous Pacific Dawn for 14 nights, but alas didn't have an internet connection.  Since returning to Australia 8 days ago I have been struggling with cranking up the energy levels.

I will find the TIME to get the holiday story condensed and together for blogging.