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Project 365: November 2012

I'm catching up to today!

November summary

Well things didn't seem to slow down much at all.

Here is a little something I gave to Kathy as her birthday is  1 November.

4 November Kira finisher her year with the National Institute of Youth Performing Arts Australia with a fantastic gala concert season featuring the fabulous Bruce Woodley and 25 years of I Am Australian.  9 November I made a few wee gifts,  for the card team and one for the raffle at "Stamp Camp".
 the theme this time was "the 80's", se we dressed accordingly.

 I had a productive weekend with a PB of 47 (I think).

I arrived home to "cubby world"

 while I was away, Michael discovered how things had been falling over in his 'man cave'!  He was very very brave and caught it, then relocated it the next day.  It was identified as a Brisbane or coastal python. Apparently harmless (as if that make a difference!!!).

Resource Update After seeing how Jaki had updated her resource catalogue, I needed to CAS the idea. 

Thanks t…

a day with Penelope

Aunty Penelope (my mother's sister) We had a wonderful day sitting on the couch, sharing thoughts, images and skills on our iPad and iPhone.  then it was off to the train station for her to go back to cousin Jo
 this was too cute not to share.
Thank you for a beautiful visit.

Happy Birthday Helen

A card for a card maker Supplies: All SU

Project 365: October 2012

Update time: I have been MIA due to an committed effort on Pinterest (which I LOVE!).

50th Birthday

What an amazing birthday I had !!!

As I haven't got everyone's permission I thought it best not to publish all the photos here.  My only disappointment of the day was that as Michael was taking all the photos I didn't think to get one of he and I together %#$^&#@(*!.

However a great blog follower had one and sent it to me (thank you Jaki)

Kira and Lachlan chose their own clothes and made me very proud, as they looked very sophisticated.

 The cup cakes were made by Jill @ Busy Making Cupcakes.
 I bought my delicious dress from "That Shop"

so, I'm now fifty years old (how did that happen?)

Project Patio

We were having problems with the leaves and flowers from the bottle brush all washing into the pool when it rained, as we are on the lower side of a slope. So I had a though we should remove the garden and make an area where we can sit and watch the kids swimming.
Preparation Michael did an amazing amount of work removing the trees bit by bit. The kids thought it was fun too.

We needed to get a stump grinder in to remove ehat Michael couldn't get out.
Here is video of the activity

Then I purchased 30 sq metres of 2nd hand pavers from Gumtree from the Gold Coast.  So off to Abel we went and got a truck for 24 hours to collect them.  They lay nicely on the tray of the truck
We stacked them neatly
I did have a little mishap as I was driving the truck out to return it!!! 

Then the really hard work began Kathy set herself up to clean them all as we 

 Brett and Kay got stuck into the activity
 It was jolly hot too

 Brett brings up some sand
 Kira helped too

there were many other…

Card Class activities

We meet regularly (6-8 weekly) and have Gail teach us a few skills while we make a couple of cards each time.  We have a rotation of hostesses, so we all benefit from the generosity of Stampin' Up and receive free products.

Here are the cards we made in September and October.

A few holiday activities

Lachlan headed off to camp As Lachlan is in his final year at primary school, they have a big camp for a week on Stradbroke Island. The kids love it. So LAchlan headed off the day before Pop and Kathy arrived from NZ. Bledisloe Cup - Suncorp Stadium 20 October  We dressed in our respective support colours (except Dad) and headed off for the adventure.
 the excitement built

 and the result was . . .
 Kathy's creativity
 O'Reilly's Plateau
 Byron Bay - Australia's most easterly point  Lachlan performing at the Brisbane Schools Band FestivalThey were the largest band in their section and they were awesome. Each band is assessed on their ability and awarded either bronze, silver gold or platinum. the bands do not compete with each other. They were rewarded for all their hard work with GOLD!!!