Project Patio

We were having problems with the leaves and flowers from the bottle brush all washing into the pool when it rained, as we are on the lower side of a slope. So I had a though we should remove the garden and make an area where we can sit and watch the kids swimming.



Michael did an amazing amount of work removing the trees bit by bit. The kids thought it was fun too.

We needed to get a stump grinder in to remove ehat Michael couldn't get out.

I couldn't get this to rotate!!!
Here is video of the activity

Then I purchased 30 sq metres of 2nd hand pavers from Gumtree from the Gold Coast.  So off to Abel we went and got a truck for 24 hours to collect them.
 They lay nicely on the tray of the truck
We stacked them neatly
I'm sure I have something for that blister 

I did have a little mishap as I was driving the truck out to return it!!! 

Kira and Dad inspect the damage tot he pool fence!

Then the really hard work began

Kathy set herself up to clean them all as we 

 Brett and Kay got stuck into the activity
 It was jolly hot too

 Brett brings up some sand
 Kira helped too

there were many other photos too, but as you have read this far you deserve to see the near finished project

we all enjoyed sitting down with a cool drink celebrating our hard work.  My 50th Birthday was the next day, so we needed to have to rest up.

The last pavers installed

There was a corner area that was completed before the party.  Alan and dad needed to do some cutting for the angels.

nearly there
 and a HUGE big thank you to dad for his expertise, guidance and support.

it all needs to be decorated, but that is another story.  Thank you for looking.  Please post a comment if you have been here.


  1. It provided a perfect Lifeguard platform at the party!!
    Still can't believe you got it done so quickly even with all those helping hands though :)


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