50th Birthday

What an amazing birthday I had !!!

As I haven't got everyone's permission I thought it best not to publish all the photos here.  My only disappointment of the day was that as Michael was taking all the photos I didn't think to get one of he and I together %#$^&#@(*!.

However a great blog follower had one and sent it to me (thank you Jaki)

Kira and Lachlan chose their own clothes and made me very proud, as they looked very sophisticated.

 The cup cakes were made by Jill @ Busy Making Cupcakes.
 I bought my delicious dress from "That Shop"

so, I'm now fifty years old (how did that happen?)


  1. You all looked amazing! Your tables looked amazing. And we had a great time :)
    Loved helping you celebrate turning 50, although I always think of you as the same age as me!! :)
    I have emailed you the couple of photos I got with Michael in them, not great ones but it proves he was there :)


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