Easter Camping Trip

We have had a big adventure for the Hall family, as we went camping with a friend from work.  She has everything that is worth buying at a camping store.  We slept in her 3 compartment tent and her family were comfortable in their camper trailer.  We shared our camp site with 2 other families (also camper trailer owners).

Here are some of our photos.  

 Good Friday - all packed and ready to join the others at Ron's horse riding.

Farm life

The kids sat on Laura after she had been milked by many curious child!
They also enjoyed cuddling some 10 day old puppies

 I made my first damper (it was a big success too)

We all enjoyed the 1 hour horse trail ride too.

 Sunday we all prepared to head off on a trail ride. . . 
. . . ready to go team? 
 Michael on Para and me on Jack
 Me after the creek crossing.
 Wonderful hubby with all the washing clean, dry and folded :)