Winter Holiday Report

This is a huge blog - and very overdue.  I had plans of uploading photos via WiFi created from my phone connection while we were away, but alas the signal wasn't strong enough.  So I had to wait until I got home.  Two weeks later I have managed to catch some uninterrupted time to do it (I guess at 04:00 hours it's unlikely I'll be interrupted).

The whole family had the school holidays off together (23 June to 8 July). The first week was busy with Kira attending the Australian Youth Choir - Performing Arts School @ Anglican Church Grammer School. It rained all week, so the 35 km twice a day trip wasn't too onerous.  Kira really enjoyed the 3 days.

We packed and headed to the beach @ Coolangatta on Friday 29 July for a week at the Beachcomber International Resort.  We had a delightful change in the weather.  Here are a few snaps of what we got up to:

Friday 29 June - we arrived

The view from our 10th floor apartment

 Sunday, 1 July - Carrara markets

Kira on the free rock climbing wall 

 Lachlan's turn

 Back at the resort for a swim in the roof (heated) pool

 Monday, 2 July - Byron Bay

 Tuesday, 3 july - a visit from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary folk

 . . . then a bike ride along the beach

 Wednesday, 4 July - the whole day @ Currumbin

Great fun feeding the lorikeets

 Prepared for the Green Challenge - first group

  Prepared for the Green Challenge - second group

close encounters with the Australian emblem mascots

 Thursday, 5 July - Putt Putt

down at Coolangatta beach

 Friday, 6 July - return to Putt Putt for a final round

. . . then it was back home for the weekend before we all went back to school / work on Monday 9 July.