Cards I've Made

Here is a collection of the cards that I made and sent off to various special people.

 The two that are the same were replicas of cards we made at a Stampin Up class with Gail.  The other one was inspired from the internet (poor form on my part as I can't find the link!)

 I made this at the 2012 November Stamp Camp (after I had sorted all of Jaki's coloured flowers into order in their wee jar!).  I had the perfect opportunity to gift it to my temporary boss when she was promoted nto a permanent executive position :)

This card and decorated envelope was made especially for my dear Aunty Doreen.  

I was able to travel to NZ for a the weekend that the family got together and celebrated her 80th Birthday. 

It was really special, because my dad (back right) has 10 siblings and they were all there together.

 Happy birthday John.  
Masculine cards are always a challenge, so I whipped this one up without over thinking it before I was stressed about it being difficult.  I got the idea from here. I'm not too thrilled with the outcome.

 My sister-in-law required surgery in may, so we sent this one to her to let her know we were all thinking about her.  It is hard when families are spread all over the world, as Michael's family are.

 Another one inspired from the the magicness of the internet!

 This one is large card made for an ill colleague .  We needed lots of space for us all to write on it.

 This wee cute was made for a peer.  Inspired by Deb @ ARTfelt Impressions.
She has supported me since I became a manager.  With the restructure of the health system our working relationship has changed.  I needed to say "thank you" for her support and mentorship over the last 5 years.

 A delightful afternoon was had a baby shower for a friend and fellow Stamp Camper.  The inspiration for this came from within!

 A sad farewell to another colleague who lost her job as a result of the health care restructures.  She is an amazing woman and her skills and knowledge in supporting people affected by alcohol and drug abuse will be dreadfully missed.

 Happy Birthday Eve.
This was a card made at a Stampin' Up class (thanks Gail).

 These two were also made at a Stampin' Up class (thanks Gail).

Happy Birthday Iris.
Some 'creative opportunities' resulted in this card looking a little lopsided (or bottom heavy.

and the last one in this long update was whipped up yesterday 10 minutes before I had to leave to go the 8th Birthday party.  
I had used the SU Ahoy Matey stamp set to decorate the gift bag.  I was then inspired from within to create this. There are certainly plenty of similar cards around, so it isn't really that original.  I liked this one though.

If you have managed to look through all of the cards and have arrived at the bottom here, you have done very well.  
Thank you for your interest.  
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  1. Beautiful cards!!
    I really admire that you give so many cards to let people know you are thinking of/appreciate them.
    PS. I will check back in tomorrow to see your June photo a day post ;)

  2. Just lovely card mate, and I too agree with Jaki

  3. I feel rather lacking because I know hidden in the mess of my library there are the means to make some cards as well...obviously not as professional or as beautiful as yours but I could make an effort...I think the clutter in there is holding me back...well thats my story and I am sticking to it. On the positive side the tea cosy knitting is coming along as Toby and I hang out in front of the fire...5 degrees on the back porch this morning.. love Dale :o)

  4. It is always a delight having a look at what you have been up to thanks for sharing love Terri


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