I really enjoyed this book.  I had read Wildflower Hill while on holiday last year, so I wasn't surprised that this was just as compelling. I managed to read it in a week as well!  Not much else gets done though.

Lighthouse Bay

A compelling tale of love, secrets, and the power of forgiveness.

1901: Isabella Winterbourne has suffered the worst loss a woman can know. She can no longer bear her husband nor his oppressive upper-class family. On a voyage between London and Sydney to accompany a priceless gift to the Australian parliament, Isabella is the sole survivor of a shipwreck off the sun-drenched Queensland coast. But in this strange new place, she finds she cannot escape her past quite as easily as she d hoped.
2011: A woman returns from Paris to her beachside home town to reconcile with her sister. But she, too, has a past that is hard to escape and her sister is not in a mood to forgive her. Strange noises at night and activity at the abandoned lighthouse raise her curiosity, and she finds herself investigating a century-old town mystery.


  1. Yes - just finished it this morning while I should have been doing the dishes...they are still sitting on the bench waiting for me to get home from work. A great read and I will be recommending it to others...love Dale :o)


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