Testing Google +

Road trip preparation

As we are about to head off on a road trip for two weeks I thought I would prepare for updating the blog via mobile technology.  This is done on my iPad.

I have downloaded and enabled Google+ to both the iPad & iPhone and have taken these photos to test this morning.

 Taken on the iPad 
Taken on the iPhone. 

I just need to organise my clothes; the food; the first aid kit; the toiletries and we will be set to head off on Thursday afternoon. 


  1. Isn't technology wonderful! Have a safe and happy trip.

  2. LOL! So glad to see you have your priorities right...set up the technology then pack :)
    Will look forward to some blog posts on the road!

  3. You are very clever Nikki I agree with Jaki have a happy Easter and a great holiday love Terri


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