A week of gifting cards

I have had a very productive and busy week with making and gifting cards.

Baby Shower

For one of the staff at work as she prepares to leave for the adventure of motherhood.

A Post-operative hello

A cheerio to Aileen from my quilting group, after her surgery.

The loss of a father

This was was for a colleague and fellow ex-pat.

A dear friend

All my friends are dear to me.  This one needed to be reminded how special she is and how much she is appreciated at the moment.

If you would like any information on the "doings" of any of these cards, please leave a comment and I will be able to get then to you.


  1. Absolutely beautiful cards as usual...I especially like the sticking plaster one as I have a couple of fingers sporting them myself...nothing to compare with your childhood fetish Nic but I often have a chuckle to myself about that when I get past two applications...love Dale :o)

  2. lovely cards as always missy


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